Billboards That Do Something

We here at Billboardom have seen our share of billboards -- over 600 and counting, and that's just the ones that made it into our collection. Some are plain, some are kind of too gimmicky for our refined palates but are are still fun for the first two minutes. A rare few are just plain awesome. The awesomest are the billboards that don't just stand there looking pretty but actually do something useful.

Maybe not necessarily save lives, like this billboard with a life raft during a recent monsoon in India...

... or even posters turned blankets for poor people to use in winter.

But, you know, maybe give a sample or two, like this Rexona billboard.


Or brighten up someone's day with a poppy (billboard by Kenzo). Or even let people steal stuff.

You know, something.

Update: here's one more from Israel. It looks very cool, although I have no idea what it says (via this site):


CannesZions said...

The one form Israel was made by BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Israel :)

עומר said...

The huge magnet billbord from Israel is for a cable companey (called HOT), and it says: "Take the stars home with you". :)

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