"Nice Headlamps" Billboard for Auto Company (0)

Banned. *Sigh*. Added to the growing collection of billboards that are too NSFW.

DHL Billboard in a Giant Box (0)

Cute. If you have a billboard you need to ship somewhere, call 341-7400.
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Playboy Billboard: Boobs of Light (0)

Look at this. What are you seeing? If you are seeing what the billboard's authors think you should be seeing, then you are on a wrong blog; you need to be on Fleshbot or something.

No, seriously: "We use a poster, the full impact of which only becomes clear once night falls. During the day, you can only see the Playboy logo on a gold background. At night, the poster is lit so that the circles of light form two breasts."

This old wet t-shirt Playboy billboard below? Classic. The light boobs? Kinda meh.

Drug Billboard: Fair Balance Gone Mad (1)

This billboard for an HIV drug Atripla mocks the FDA rule that requires "fair balance" fine print on all medical commercial communication. The guy who took this picture says some people actually climbed up to read what it says.

Huge Billboard Collapses (0)

Yeah, speaking of billboard fail -- here's one that collapsed in the wind in Karachi.

Billboard With Glowing Cockroaches for Rentokil (0)

This billboard for a bug spray is why this site's name has Awesome in it. In daylight, it shows only one roach. At night, his friends painted with special reflective stuff crawl out to glow and remind you to never leave your dishes dirty overnight. Awesome.
-- via Scary Ideas

FedEx Billboard Dude Protects Your Stuff From Mud (0)

A nice way to show how FedEx protect your stuff from unpleasant things, but it's one of those billboards that work when viewed only under a particular angle.
- via Adoholik

Billboards Underwater (0)

An underwater billboard near Sweden's shores inviting divers to book a week off at Hurghada in Egypt through the Ving travel agency.

Underwater billboards from the 1950s promoting a seafood chain in Seattle -- possibly a giant hoax but no less awesome. Read the story reported by Seattle's newspaper, see videos, view possibly original maps, and pics.

In a swimming pool in Malaysia.

An underwater billboard for a Sanyo camera -- it becomes visible when the tide goes down.

A recruitment poster for the Navy.

And for scuba lessons.

And we are finishing on this optimistic note.

Billboard With Wrinkles (0)

Don't think that if some people look like billboards they aren't good for something -- this is the message of this wrinkly campaign.

Clingy Billboard with Velcro for Coke (0)

This billboard with Velcro hooks looks super-annoying. Apparently, it was designed to demonstrate how "grippy" some new Coke bottle is.

Freaky: Bleeding Billboard (1)

Paparazzi Billboard for Nikon (0)

Very. Awesome. You pass by this billboard for Nikon D700, trigger something, and suddenly all those flashes go mad and you feel like Paris Hilton on a night out. Done near a subway station in Seoul with a Nikon store conveniently nearby. Lovin'g it.

Billboards That Do Something (2)

We here at Billboardom have seen our share of billboards -- over 600 and counting, and that's just the ones that made it into our collection. Some are plain, some are kind of too gimmicky for our refined palates but are are still fun for the first two minutes. A rare few are just plain awesome. The awesomest are the billboards that don't just stand there looking pretty but actually do something useful.

Maybe not necessarily save lives, like this billboard with a life raft during a recent monsoon in India...

... or even posters turned blankets for poor people to use in winter.

But, you know, maybe give a sample or two, like this Rexona billboard.


Or brighten up someone's day with a poppy (billboard by Kenzo). Or even let people steal stuff.

You know, something.

Update: here's one more from Israel. It looks very cool, although I have no idea what it says (via this site):

Retro Billboard for Dunkin' Donuts (0)

Christ died for what again?

Billboards in Braille (0)

I can understand Playboy in Braille, but why billboards (although this billboard in braille makes sense)?
-- via & via

CK's "Threesome" Billboard (2)

The world (and not just NYC) needs more of those. Sadly, removed. Here's the story, if you've missed it.

Billboard for Divorce Lawyer (0)

"Life's short. Get a divorce." Well put, esquire, well put.

Billboardom Under Construction (2)

We are giving this place a facelift over the weekend, so a few things may look weird. Everything is going to be fixed, but if you spot a bug, leave a comment.


Billboard For Printer Made of Sheets of Paper (0)

The paper flaps in the wind. The end.

Billboard Fail (0)

Billboardom is back! And to celebrate, we are bringing you these these gems of billboard failure collected by the Fail Blog.

(read on)

3D Holographic "Dark Knight" Billboard for Six Flags (0)

RabbitHoles creates large 3D holographic billboards like this one for the Dark Knight ride in Six Flags.

Fake But Awesome NSFW Billboard for American Apparel (0)

If sex sells, you can't tell it by looking at billboards around you, most of them rated PG-13 and below. But there are happy exceptions, and we here at Billboardom are embarking on a quest to collect them all. We've seen butts, we've seen threesomes, and now this unfortunately fake but still awesome billboard that appeared in New York for a brief second a couple of years ago.

Salad From McDonald's Grows on Billboard (0)

"Over the course of three weeks, 16 varieties of lettuce found in McDonald's salads were planted and grown on a billboard."

American Apparel Billboard With Ass (0)

Our search for sex on billboards continues with another installment, reliably from American Apparel, this time real but also tagged with social commentary.

Added to our growing collection of billboards with butts.
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