Competing "No Dropped Calls" Billboards (0)

This one is for Cingular, via Advergirl.

This one is for T-Mobile, via Flickr

The question is, what will Verizon drop to make its counterpoint?

Painted Hole Promotes Cell Service (0)

One of those anamorphic illusions painted on the sidewalk to promote Canada's cellphone service.
-- doweirdo

TV Decals on Train Windows (0)

Decals looking like TVs were pasted around Mumbai trains to promote NDTV 24x7 (a channel, I guess).
-- creative criminal

Government Ads on Traffic Light Buttons (0)

Don't know if they are real, but Adpunch says these are "government sponsored guerilla advertising campaign undertaken in London to garner public support on government policies in the U.K." Would love it if they were real.

"Drowned Child" Underwater Ad (0)

This ad on the bottom of a swimming pool showing a drowned child almost tops this decal of a dead woman. Love the look on the kid's face.
-- via coolz0r

Outdoor for Pest Control Services (0)

Miniature police tapes on the streets for ORKIN pest controllers.
-- creative criminal

"Street Chains Replaced with Necklaces" Outdoor (0)

Oversized necklaces on the streets of Geneva to promote
-- adverbox

Rain-Sensitive Billboard for Mascara (2)

When it rains, mascara -- but apparently not Max Factor's -- runs. Simple. Similar to the famous "Pray for Rain" billboard for Playboy.
-- core 77

"Naked Breasts Against Speeding" Campaign (0)

An anti-speeding campaign in Denmark with topless women holding speed limit signs. Must have been inspired by this sign:

Cork Outdoor (0)

"For a annual wine trade fair in munich called "Forum Vini" Heye & Partner turned regular advertising pillars into giant corks."
-- thank you, Tim

Giant iPod Billboard for Magazine (0)

I am sure this one has been posted before but couldn't find it so there. This 25 ft. iPod promotes Columbus Aliva magazine and plays music by local musicians. It's powered by a real iPod nano. Here's the playlist.
-- MacDailyNews; thank you, Elise

Outdoor Ads to Fight Homelessness (0)

A couple of unrelated campaigns to fight homelessness from Invisible Red. Wonder if people tune out of the ads that are too scary, and whether it's too hard to create a more positive but an equally powerful execution.

"Giant Hand for Heineken" Billboard (0)

-- Frederik Samuel

Bus Poster for Duracell (0)

An outdoor/transit execution for Duracell batteries in India.
-- blogsome

Wrinkled Poster for Skin Care Salon (1)

Poster for Fizz salon by Interface Communications, Chennai, India.
-- via AdPunch

"Lord of War" Poster with Bullet Holes (0)

Just as the titles says, this is a poster for the movie Lord of War with some convincing bullet holes. Sao Paolo, Brazil.
-- i believe in adv

Barebecue Grill Drain Outdoor (0)

An outdoor ad for grill makers.
-- Brennter

Creative DIY Lamp-post Ads (0)

For piano lessons (via Flickr)

For an epilation centre (via Coloribus)

For dance classes (via Flickr)

Car Crashing into Urinal (0)

Everytime you miss the urinal a car crashes somewhere. Or something.
-- all over the internets

Treadmill Marathon for Nike (0)

Not sure how it works but it would be cool if they let everybody jump on that treadmill and pitch in a mile or two.
-- Briefblog

Different Billboards for Different Shoe Sizes (0)

So simple and yet so lovely. Much more powerful than many of the stunts blogged here.
-- frederik samuel

Volkswagen Polo and Concrete Blocks (0)

Small but definitely tough.
-- Coloribus.

Speech Bubbles For Clean Beaches (0)

More at AdArena.

Ad Tricks in Japanese Train Stations (0)

Billboardom is back from the slumber and is proud to bring you the Ten Coolest Ad Tricks In Japanese Train Stations.

Billboard - "Dead Woman" Decal (0)

A decal (not really a billboard) of a dead woman for Canadian Red Cross at the bottom of a stairwell in a Cineplex Theatre in Toronto. Also, check out this sticker of a woman passed out in front of the toilet.
-- caffeine marketing

Hey,'s readers! If you liked the dead woman ad, see some of Billboardom's newer stuff:

Spam Truck (0)

Just realized I haven't posted for two weeks. Here's a truck-load of spam for you all. More soon.
-- consumerist

Sopranos "Hand in the Trunk" Campaign in Russia (0)

The campaign for the HBO show The Sopranos comes to Russia (along with the show itself, that is). More pictures and explanations (in Russian) here.

Soap Dispenser Promo of Something (0)

I bet this soap dispenser isn't anywhere in the States, but beyond that it's anyone's guess about what this is.
-- from here

Tampon "Cycle, Moto " Spoof Billboard (0)

The Italian Spot Anatomy finds this Russian spoof of Motorola's Moto campaign in dubbio gusto. The billboard apparently promotes tampons and says, in Russian, "MOTO CYCLES" (the pun sort of works in English, too). Don't know if it's real of 'shopped, but will put an update if I find out anything.

Speaking of dubbio gusto, they also have this billboard for Axe:

"Skoda Parked Near Monument" Augmented Billboards (0)

Ad Blog Arabia brings us this wonderful set of billboards for Skoda found in Prague. As they say, "The actual statue was covered from all sides by large billboards depicting.. well.. the statue, with the car added in. When you stand at certain angles the add blends in almost perfectly with the surrounding scene." The blog has many more pictures, too. We've seen billboards augmenting reality before: in this Amnesty campaign, and in Estonia, for example.

Guy Cleaning Teeth on Orbit Billboard (0)

Someone else's teeth, that is. Sort of the same worker-on-a-billboard idea, although not quite, for Mini.
-- frederik samuel

One-Man Stretchers Outdoor (0)

Volunteers are recruited through this very cool "one-man stretcher" campaign in Germany.
-- coloribus

Bathroom Decal for Jontex (0)

Nice creative work for Jontex condoms in Brazil. The secondone looks like the one for Kill Bill. On the first picture, the banner was spread out during half time at soccer matches.
-- sloganmaker on flickr, twenty four

Upskirt Promo for Che Magazine (0)

Posters in supermarkets promoting for the Che magazine in Belgium.
-- via AdRants

"Think of Your Sponsor" Locker Room Poster (0)

A poster in a soccer locker room reads: "Important! Think of your sponsor under all circumstances." Right. Always keep your eye on the goal and your mind on the paycheck. Love the attitude.
-- sloganmaker on flickr

Offtopic: Weird Retro Ads (1)

Taking a break from billboards and sharing a few bits from my growing retro ad collection. The guy on the second one is indeed Ronald Reagan.

-- source

Energy Drink Eye Covers (0)

These promo pieces for energy drink Rox were given out to train commuters.

"Kill Bill" Bathroom Promo (1)

Kept meaning to post this for a few months now, so here. A promo for Kill Bill in Asia.
-- ads of the world

DHL "No Size Limits" Billboard (0)

"Violence Everywhere" Posters (0)

Cut-outs warning people about the dangers of walking alone in the dark in Mexico.
-- coloribus

Blue Rubber Duckies in Fountain for Adidas (0)

Adidas filled a Copenhagen fountain with blue rubber ducks to promote its new store.
-- Thomas Christensen

"Ready for Your 45:" Billboards for Nike (0)

A whole series of these billboards at Coloribus.
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