Twitter Billboard Gone Very Wrong (0)

On the left: three anchors of WPMI-TV, an NBC affiliate, on the station's billboard. On the right - a live Twitter feed with a breaking news tweet of tree people accused of gang rape.  Not the anchors, of course. Some other three people.  Filed as fail.

Should've stuck with a Facebook billboard

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1929 Billboard With Real Car and Picture Frame (0)

Put a real car in a glass box, slap a giant picture frame in front of it, and what you have is "the acme of out-door advertising".

"Hitler Is Not Dead" Billboard (0)

A big friendly Sieg Heil from the new billboard for a wax museum in Thailand.

"Honey, Have You Seen the Birth Certificate?" Billboard (0)

Honey, did you take out the trash?  Did you remember to buy milk?  Don't forget the keys!  Oh, and where the hell is that birth certificate?

Soviet Billboards (0)

Billboardom continues its educational series with a collection of billboards from Soviet Russia. And in Soviet Russia, you don't stare at billboards; billboards stare at you. Much like in Cuba. Or Iran.

Prudish Vegas Halts Billboard on Wheels (0)

That awesome truck with live dancers rolling down the streets of Sin City? Too much! Maybe they should've outfitted it with Ikea furniture.

Billboard With Empty Toilet Paper Roll (1)

Haven't we all been there -- about to take a comfortable dump under a billboard only to realize that the toilet paper hasn't been replaced.  FML.

Self-Destructing Billboard (0)

We have once wished for billboards that you could just turn off, but this one is even better -- after enough pissed off motorist complain, the billboard simply explodes. How awesome is that? Caught on video, too. 

"The Pot of Gold Is Here" Billboard (0)

One thing that we like more than billboards is rainbows, and one thing that we like even more is a billboard with a rainbow -- now, how often do you see that? (This one is for some kind of lottery).

Holes'R'Us Billboard (2)

A billboard for Makita drills made out of a whole bunch -- 20,562, we counted -- of holes.

Billboard In Which a Boy Moves Part of a Building (2)

Kids. They can never take anything from the top of the pile. No, it always has to be that one in the middle. Wonder how many parents cringe when they see this billboard for milk, although you'd be forgiven to think it's for Lego, as we did.

Photographs Taken From Behind Billboards (1)

Stephen Gill

Photographs Taken From Under Billboards (0)

Branislav Kropilak

Shout-Out to Awesome Billboardom Reader (0)

Your enthusiasm, sir, is contagious.

Billboard Glued Over Child (0)

Neglected children are made to feel invisible. Children who don't eat their veggies get glued to the freaking wall.

Billboard Made of 7,563 Dice (0)

When God doesn't play dice with the universe, he arranges them into awesome bus shelter billboards that then get written up in Make.

Phuket On a Billboard (0)

Very phunny.
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Billboard Promotes Facebook Page (0)

- It's time for us to build a robust social media strategy.
- Hm. Let's build a Facebook page?
- Awesome! And buy some social ads to drive fans, too!
- Nah. Social ads don't drive clickthroughs. Unlike billboards.

 Actually, this one is pretty awesome.
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Cute Billboards From the 50s (0)

Chevron Supreme Gasolene must have been so good that these dudes are, like, sniffing it.  Either they, or whoever drew this billboard.  Lots more here.  There are  retro billboards around Billboardom, too, if that's your thing.

Really Bad Billboards (0)

You know how there's a blog full of nothing but awesome billboards, right? Well, we've found our evil twin - The Bad Billboard Project. And by bad, we (and they) mean pretty crappy.

"Play With Doggie" Interactive Wall (0)

Sniff from karolina sobecka on Vimeo.

A simple 3D camera that detects your "location, proximity, motion, speed" can do some serious magic, it turns out.
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Awesome Billboards, Now on Twitter (0)

If Twitter is how you keep up to date with stuff, then let us invite you to Billboardom's very own brand spanking new @billboardom. So brand spanking new, in fact, that it still smells of fresh paint and its counters are still at the pristine zero.  And how often do you get to be the first subscriber?

We promise very little noise -- just the headline updates and a free bonus track every now and then.

Could You Live in a Billboard? (1)

More and more people affected by the mortgage crisis are moving out of McMansions and into remodeled billboards vacated by the recession-hit advertising industry. (As irony would have it, this house above used to be a billboard for a mortgage broker.) The lucky ones find urban spots with excellent commutes. Others -- not so much. Yet others are upgrading to a more modern design.

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Law and Order Interrogation Billboard (0)

Billboard promoting Law and Order in New Zealand.
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Cool Billboard for Ravensburger Puzzle (0)

We feel like they should've made the concrete debris look more like puzzle pieces, but whatever. Still pretty awesome.
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Billboard for a Bread Hole (0)

There are two things in Switzerland: banks and holes. Some holes, like cheese holes, are famous, recession-proof, and enjoy brisk sales. Other holes, like the bread hole on this billboard, aren't doing so great and could use some publicity. Business as usual.

Turn This Billboard Off (0)

Don't you sometimes wish all billboards (except the ones featured here, of course) came with a light switch? Well, this one does. Here's to the start of a trend.

Cuban Propaganda Billboards (0)

Billboardom has just reached its 666th post. Without any connection whatsoever, we are bringing you a collection of political outdoor propaganda from Cuba (in Russian, but understandable).
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