Billboard With Sun and Rising Water Level (0)

This WWF billboard uses an awning (a cover, sort of) to cast a shadow that rises throughout the day as the sun moves. If you are reading this on a feed reader, come see the video of the billboard in action.

Here's another billboard that similarly uses sun and shadows and a lot of aluminum pegs to advertise sunscreen. And another sun-shadow billboard for Volkswagen.

Billboards Throw Snowballs (0)

(If you are on RSS, click to Billboardom to see the video.)

Coloribus: "Fido, a Canadian wireless provider, created the billboards in conjunction with Bos, Toronto to celebrate the holiday season and promote wireless video calling. They feature a man and a woman each projected onto separate buildings. Initially both are static and then suddenly the young couple begins to interact with one another as video is projected onto the buildings."

Here's another video of the billboards shot by a passer-by.

Billboard: Passed Out Woman In The Bathroom (0)

Stickers of passed out people placed in bar restrooms to warn against drunk driving. More on Cherry Flava.

See also a dead woman sticker.

"Serial Rapist" Billboard (0)

A PSA billboard in Arizona. If you see this guy, call the number.

Retro Billboards: I'm Pulling for Ike (3)

Love this collection of retro billboards -- and they are for sale, too.

Billboard With Undewear Snatchers (0)

Irresistible scent, huh? Pervs.
- flickr

Billboard: Japan Runs on Dunkin' (0)

This billboard probably says something like Welcome to Fenway, but it is in Japanese.
-- Flickr

Billboard: God Listens to Slayer (0)

Fresh Salad Billboard (0)

A billboard for McDonald's made of fresh salad. If you like it, you'll enjoy another billboard from Ford made of grass.
- adgoodness

Billboard For Car Facing Backwards (1)

A billboard for Peugeot in Denmark facing workers on the scaffolding, saying "For Builders and Other Hard Working People".

Billboard - Dude in a Vending Machine (0)

More of a decal than a billboard of a guy working inside a vending machine. You think you got shitty job?

Billboard for MINI Xenon Headlights (0)

Another great billboard for MINI from Canada, winner of 2007 Bronze Cannes Lion for outdoor.

Other great work for MINI:

Solar-Powered Billboards (0)

A solar-powered billboard for NEDBANK in South Africa won an award at Cannes Lions earlier in 2007

"Pacific Gas and Electric's new solar-powered billboard, just off Interstate-101 in San Francisco. The placard generates enough energy to power the household of a family of three to four people during the day." LiveScience, Curbed SF. Unveiled on December 4, 2007.

Giant KFC Billboard on Google Earth (0)

That giant face of Col. Sanders that KFC laid out in a desert a year ago can now be seen in Google Maps and Google Earth, which kind of answers the question about how often the satellite images are updated. The annotations people attach to locations in Google Earth are lovely, too.

See the video about how the face was built (via Google Earth Blog):


Bathroom Advertising And New Game Input Devices (0)

This German campaign against drunk driving gives a new meaning to the word joystick:
"The Piss-Screen (the site's dead) is a pressure-sensitive inlay for urinals. The game is displayed on a screen above the urinal. We designed a driving game in the style of Need for Speed." The game would end with a crash and display a message to the effect that the player should take a cab home.

There was one other game art project with the similar input mechanics last year, only then the display was inside the urinal.

Anyway, here's a video of the gameplay:


Billboard Pees to Protect Environment (0)

Clever ad people in China created a billboard with a giant butt on it and placed it above drainage pipes. Ads of The World has more.

Billboard for Naval Museum in Canada (0)

Three billboards (one more here) for the Naval Museum of Alberta, Canada.

Giant Donkey Kong Billboard for Game Museum (0)

A billboard on the facade of the Computer Game Museum in Berlin that looks like a level of Donkey Kong game.
-- marketing alternatif

Live Billboard by MTV (1)

A live event in Portugal by MTV against women trafficking with celebrities standing in the billboard.
- ptfolio

The World of Billboards 2.0 (1)

Billboardom got facelift! The cow is courtesy of Honest Cow-o-Matic, where you can create a billboard just like this one.

The Bad Billboard Project (2)

The Bad Billboard Project
wants to change the world: "I see billboards that are unreadable, outdoor advertising that makes me less likely to buy something from the advertiser, and only once in a while a billboard that works. But rather than going on a rampage and burning down the offensive tripe, I can now just blog about it and work out my frustrations with no harm being done other than the potential embarrassment to the advertisers."

Severed Arm Promotes Tarantino Movie (0)

In Amsterdam, a strategically placed severed arm holds a Death Proof DVD promoting the movie and the theater playing it. These zombie hands weren't bad either.
-- New Message

"Let Them Starve" Billboard (0)

This is art, people.
-- omami

The "Don't Drink and Drive" Witch (0)

"This Halloween, don't drink and drive." Or drink and fly. Found in Guatemala by Coolz0r.

"Save Electricity" Billboard (0)

Billboard from Eskom in South Africa: Use Electricity Wisely.
-- tree hugger

FedEx Truck (0)

A FedEx truck with painted UPS trucks in it. Kind of like this and this, but still pretty funny.
- via adgoodness.

Billboard My Ass (1)

Yass is a city in Australia.
-- Ad Land

Outdoor for MINI in Germany (0)

A reader from future:headz sent these in:

"As a result of high pressure caused by competitors, a projection of the interactive MINI Clubman movie was banned by the city after the third day of play. The projection was realized with 4 beamers - alltogehter 80.000 AnsiLumen - that produced a picture of 26 x 36 meters." There's a video on YouTube, too.

"25 hot shops in the city of Frankfurt joined an unpaid viral mission to promote the new MINI Clubman. The sexy boot of the car made the shops double doors the eyecatcher during 10 days of the IAA."

Dude Lifts Light Post for Highland Games (0)

An outdoor installation in Vancouver for BC Highland Games.
- adgoodness

Improper Napkins (0)

Studio Relax Erotik Massage advertises with napkins that create an illusion of a hand in the fly.
- Pantherhouse

Barf Bus Wrap (2)

Lost in translation is that barf means snow in the brand's native language (Iranian? Turkish?). Here's a Russian TV spot for the product.

Billboard Advertisers Are Idiots (0)

These people are "harnessing juvenile name-calling to fight visual blight and mindshare theft."
- via AdRants

Santa Billboard (0)

"Santa give more to rich kids" billboard -- an art installation, more details here.

"Son of a Bitch" Billboard (0)

A billboard for a pet store "Son of a Bitch", literally. In Russian. Advertka.

Britney Mad Over Billboards (0)

"Britney Spears is threatening legal action against a Florida radio station that used a bald-headed photo of the pop star on billboards that appear to call her sanity into question."
-- The Smoking Gun

"Dripping Paint" Billboard for Insurance Company (0)

A billboard (actually, all three of them) for Nationwide Insurance. Life comes at you fast, huh.
-- boredstop

Billboard for Smart Car over Bridge (0)

A billboard for Smart Brabus over a bridge in Rotterdam. A couple more pics at Advertka.

"Algorithm Finds Jesus" Billboard (0)

A bizarre billboard for the search engine, via Valleywag.

"Too Much Guinness" Advertising (0)

Guinness created these special cans that it distributed around bars to promote responsible drinking. Blame Canada.
-- directdaily via advertising for peanuts.

For Some, This Billboard is Indoors (0)

A billboard by Actionaid India to fight homelessness.
-- houtlust

Billboard with Lots of Garbage (0)

"Garbage which was found at Redondo Beach (U.S.), august 21, 2005. was bound together on a billboard."
-- houtlust

Coldsores on Billboards (0)

Want to mess with annoying street advertising? Stop your juvenile behavior and mustache-drawing. Instead, get some sticky cold sores. Amazing.
-- via Outdoor Database

Escalator Turned Printer (0)

A smart placement on escalator belt for HP printer. If you are into printers, check out this idea for Samsung posted a few weeks back.
-- via coloribus

Installations by Mark Jenkins (0)

This has been sitting in my bookmarks forever, but I thought I'd put it out for the record: amazing street installations by Mark Jenkins. That is, it's art. See, we are not all about blatant commercialism here at Billboardom. Although it wouldn't hurt if the headless guy's clothes were branded.

Giant Snow Globe for Renault (0)

-- Ads of the World

Neon Signs for Red Zone Deodorant (0)

These neon signs for Red Zones are so cool that I hope they are real installations and not print ads.

Billboard with Roots (0)

A billboard with roots for wood finish tiles.
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