Billboard for 2012 Floods the Subway (1)

Talk about station domination.
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Sharp Billboard Slices Up Stupid Pigeons (0)

Annoying birds pooping all over your front porch?  There is a billboard for that -- the new extra-large razor blade will slice some in half and teach the others a valuable lesson.  Also works on giant rocks raining down on your flowers.

Billboard for Nose Hair Trimmer (1)

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"Advertise on Our Billboards" Billboard (1)

The pure creative genius.
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Stupid Criminals Caught on Billboards (0)

Some billboards advertise beer. Others -- something more esoteric, like a bread hole. There are billboards that advertise dictators (buy one get one free). Billboards in Wisconsin advertise criminals; check out the entire product line-up

On a side note, no wonder they can't catch Mr. Adam J. Boone; he would not have been really speeding if they could, would he?
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