"Hand from Above" Billboard (0)

"Unsuspecting pedestrians will be tickled, stretched, flicked or removed entirely in real-time by a giant deity."
-- Hand from Above

Billboards Most Improved By Graffiti (0)

A hilarious list.

SMS Billboard Updated Manually (0)

Text your message to a number and then wait while it spelled out on this giant billboard, letter by letter. By hand.

Wonderbra Billboard in 3D (0)

Models gave away anaglyph 3D glasses to people passing by this 3D billboard in London.

There's a video, too:

Embarrassing Typo on School Billboard (0)

Edumakation fails this billboard in Indiana.

Billboard Compares Obama to Hitler and Lenin (1)

For those of you keeping the Bush-Obama billboard score, here's a new one.

Celebrity Billboards With Photoshop Buttons (1)

Photoshop GUI cut-outs pasted over celebrity posters in Berlin by a street art group. (I also like a similar use of Doom GUI over billboards.)

The Perfect Billboard for American Psycho (0)

There's a special level of awesomeness on Billboardom reserved for billboards like this one for American Psycho (click image for zoomness).

- as seen on Twitter

Billboard Company Puts Up Digital Mother's Day Card (0)

"To celebrate Mother’s Day, the entire staff of Adams Outdoor Advertising in Charleston, SC wrote short notes to their moms or their wives. The messages were posted to a digital billboard on I-26 West."

The Magazine of Human Billboards (0)

A design studio bought as many human billboards on eBay as they could, and published an awesome photobook.

Your Wife Is Hot (0)

Thanks, Mike!

These Billboards Have Been Doomed (0)

German artists add a Doom tribute to otherwise boring billboards.
- via

Posters With Chairs From KitKat (0)

Have a break. Have a chair. Pretty amazing posters from KitKat. From our series Billboards That Give.

Mystery Pandas on Pope's Billboard (0)

What are these mystery pandas and what are they doing on billboards greeting the Pope to Malta? AgencySpy explains.

Conan's Tweets on Lamar's Billboards (0)

"His tweets will be displayed 22 feet wide on thousands of digital displays across this great land in the noble hope of putting a little Conan back in all of our lives. Lamar is with Coco."
- A Place for Conan

Obama Billboards (0)

Since our awesome collection of (mostly anti-) Bush billboards is suddenly very popular on the conservative circuit, and since we are so fair and balanced we are almost a Fox News subsidiary, here are some billboards featuring that other guy.

Being a president is a pretty sweet gig that shoots you up straight into the celebrity stratosphere, and you get casting calls to promote all sorts of things besides weatherproof jackets.

The big news of the day -- crowdsourced freedom of speech in shape of Billboards Against Obama (dot com). The Atlanta company sells nose jobs.

Their Missouri branch sells corrective ear surgery, birth certificates...

... and teeth whitening.

Folks in Louisiana behind this billboard should give Missouri a call.

A billboard selling agricultural tools, also in Missouri.

This billboard must be for hallucinogenic substances.

More substances, this time from an Indian restaurant.

We even fired up our DeLorean to bring you this billboard from the future.

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Your Money's Safe in This Elevator (0)

This is kinda cool -- elevator doors that look like a bank vault for, and I'm wildly guessing here, a bank promo.
- via

Car Parked On a Wall (3)

A brilliant in its simplicity solution to the parking problem in Holland as captured by Google's mapping satellites -- sideways vertical parking on walls. A real wall and a real car, even its lights come on.

Too bad the guy can't park; see how he's taking two spots?

FBI Advertises Criminals on Billboards (2)

Amateurs may get a random billboard in Maryland or Wisconsin, but real pros go national  and have signed up FBI to promote them on billboards throughout the country.
- via

Obama On Billboard for Weatherproof (0)

Maybe it's just a body double? Better than all these Bush billboards in any case.
-- from here

Is Alfa Romeo's Billboard A Hoax? We Say Yes (0)

Two out of three Billboardom experts agree this billboard is a hoax.

If you liked the series of underwater billboards, here's another one for you, via AgencySpy:  AlfaRomeo is viralling a video of its billboard being lowered into the Challenger Deep (wiki) in the Mariana Trench, the deepest point on Earth at some 11,000 meters (36,000 ft).

But is it real?  I don't think so. Jalopnik points out certain inconsistencies, but here's, I think, the real tell -- the rope.  There's no way for the 11,000 meters of rope to fit on the spool of the size shown in the video.  See for yourself with this handy spool capacity calculator. I'm assuming (generously) the 3mm fiber diameter, 20" for traverse, 10" for barrel, and 15" for flange. The most you can fit on the spool of that size is 3,577 meters, and the spool in the video isn't even full.

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MINI Cooper Comes In Boxes (0)

A Christmas guerilla campaign with huge cardboard boxes around Amsterdam promoting MINI.
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