"Little Brother is Watching" Billboard (0)

source: littlebrotheriswatching.com

"The Massachusetts state Outdoor Advertising Board has ordered Boston developer John Rosenthal to remove a billboard that sits atop a parking garage between Fenway Park and the Massachusetts Turnpike which shows George Bush's eyes and the phrase "Little Brother Is Watching," according to the Boston Globe."
-- Media Buyer Planner

Absolut Voyeur (0)

Last year's three-week store installation in Sydney. People peering through the Absolut-shaped peephole saw themselves on close-circuit television. Check out more billboards and outdoor installations for Absolut in this part i and part ii series.
-- Adlova

Cut-out People Billboard for BMW (0)

One of these guys is real, but the rest are part of a fence decoration for BMW. More at Mighty Optical Illusions.

Billboard for Nose Drops (0)

This is a billboard for nasal decongestant Sorine. The copy says something like "If congested, use Sorine". Very cool although the message takes some time to get through.
-- creative brain

Outdoor Campaign for Zippo Lighters (0)

Zippo Windproof Lighters campaign in Singapore, via Advertising for Peanuts and Cerebro Creativo. Placed on taxi tops and really burning.

Bandages Outdoor (0)

Outdoor for 3M bandages (can't say band-aid, right?) from Brief Blog.

Playboy Outdoor Campaign (0)

A campaign for Playboy Argentina puts paparazzi in public showers and restrooms. Comparate to this campaign from Kellogg's that also transformed stall walls into something else.

Copy on the towel below reads, "I can be a March playmate" (source: Coloribus).

This is a from a different Playboy outdoor campaign, where they placed mirrors to get the upskirt metaphor going (source: Iconema).

playboy billbord

And, of course, you remember this classic Playboy billboard in Germany.

"Coffee Tastes Like Crap" Garbage Bins (0)

Redecorated garbage bins placed near Starbucks outlets by a small competitor Draft New Zealand. More pictures at AdRants.

The "Aparicion" Illusion (0)

Not a billboard (although I wonder if it could work), but a nice follow-up on the post about illusions. Click the image to zoom in for a stronger effect.
-- TBWA via Hidden Persuader

Billboard for Kellogg's (0)

A billboard for something less fattening than something else via Marketing Alternatif.

Urinal Soccer (0)

A real mini-soccer installation for urinals to convince guys to watch soccer on ESPN. Crazy. If you want more games like this, check out this one for Mini. Or this one, that's actually a real video game.

-- Ads of The World

"Erection" Billboard (0)

A billboard for some pills that cure erectile disfunction. Compare to this billboard for Electrolux vacuum cleaners. (via Creative Criminal)

"Harder Than Truth" Bathroom Mirrors (0)

Adverblog brings us the news about these bathroom mirrors for the Germany's Bild newspaper. The mirrors say, "Nothing is harder than the truth." Very tame by German ad standards, too. The tagline should've been more like "Featuring dickheads since Gutenberg". See some more bathroom fun.

Ariel Billboards (0)

A series of billboards for Ariel at Frederik Samuel's. If you like this one (I do), you'll appreciate this SlimFast billboard from a few days ago.

"Homeless Child" Cut-out (0)

Do you have the hear to push away a homeless child? A cut-out figure decal on some Indian doors by Trikya Grey Advertising. Kind of like this ballerina or this pie-in-the-face. More images on Coloribus.

Star Wars Billboard (0)

-- advertka

Outdoor Stunt by Goodyear (1)

Lovely concept, but I think there's something lost in translation in this outdoor campaign for Goodyear. The sign says, according to Coloribus,

(front) "Your vehicle has been towed. Call 0800 081-8181."
(back) "For sticking on the roads."

Billboard for SlimFast (0)

Interesting use of perspective in this "now you are fat, now you are not" billboad for SlimFast.
-- via Creative Criminal

Nike "Cars" Outdoor (2)

Cars decorated as Nike kicks in Mexico. The front car carrying the ball must this one from a previous campaign.
-- coloribus

Pro-Life Monument To Britney Spears (0)

I don't know if this is outdoor enough to qualify for Billboardom, but I only have a limited number of blogs and it's hard to imagine how this relates to the future of advertising or ads in computer games, so here.

Anyway, "a nude Britney Spears on a bearskin rug while giving birth to her firstborn marks a "first" for Pro-Life. Pop-star Britney Spears is the "ideal" model for Pro-Life and the subject of a dedication at Capla Kesting Fine Art in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg gallery district, in what is proclaimed the first Pro-Life monument to birth, in April. Dedication of the life-sized statue celebrates the recent birth of Spears’ baby boy, Sean, and applauds her decision of placing family before career."

All this comes from this site where you can get many other details.

Greenpeace's Outdoor Stunt (0)

"The future of the planet is in your hands." What would Jesus do?
-- Blog de Guerillha via benbunan

Painted Trees for WWF (0)

World Wildlife Fund is on a roll. First, these billboards, and now this campaign with painted trees. The sign says "You never kill just a tree".
-- Creative Brain (careful, pop-ups)

Creepy Billboard (1)

Ian B. Line found this creepy billboard for something and posted it on Flickr.

"Climbing Shoes" Billboard (0)

A billboard for Woodland Shoes.

-- Creative Criminal

Oversized Armchair for Disney (0)

Honey, I shrunk the kids! Feel like a kid in this oversized campaign prop for Disney's DVD Classic series, broght to you by Advertising for Peanuts.

Billboards for Taekwondo School (0)

A series of cleverly placed billboards for a martial arts school in Singapore. More at Coloribuss.

Nipple Piercing as Basketball Ring (0)

-- Cool Hunter

Painted 3D Illusions (0)

This painted Vaio that looks 3D by Julian Beever is making rounds today, so I thought I'd post a link to more of his amazing work. One other artist who is doing visual illusions is Kurt Wenner. And here's a blog about optical illusions in general.

Earlier on AdLab:

More Mirror Ads (0)

Advergirl brings us this piece of advertising placed on mirrors that works just like this one for HSBC. Created for a jewelry shop and placed on bathroom mirrors.

Walking Billboards (1)

Walking billboards for Foot Locker in Germany.
-- advertka

"Don't Speed" Poster (0)

"Please don't speed near schools" poster placed on windshields. I guess people who see this one on their cars will give up driving altogether.
-- Ads of the World

Bodies As Billboards (0)

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Billboards Cause Injuries (0)

image: Moscow News

Who would've thought billboards pose such a threat to society. Over the weekend, a section of Moscow subway collapsed when some dudes were erecting billboard above it and damaged piles supporting the tunnel's roof (ABC story here). And last week a billboard in Toronto fell and injured a few people (AdRants, Torontoist). I need to put a disclaimer here urging you guys not to try this stuff at home, or else.

"Women in Glass Cubes" Outdoor (0)

Adidas has encased these women doing stretching exercises in individual glass cubes. Spotted on Flickr by AdRants, who aptly named the image file "adidas_cube_ladies".

Manholes as Turntables (0)

An outdoor campaign for this Dutch 3FM radio.
-- via Coloribus, Bigumigu

War of Billboards in Cuba (0)

This is MAD, as in Mutually Assured Destruction. Cuba and the US exchange billboard jabs in Havana. Details on Fluctuat.

Urinals as Conduit Of Social Protest (0)

German branch of PETA released stickers with Karl Lagerfeld to protest fur fashion. Here's an article in German and a few downloadables.

-- We Make Money Not Art

LG Blimp (0)

I love promo balloons unless something goes wrong.

-- from Gizmodo.

Airbus Cabin Designed by BMW (0)

The interior of the new Airbus A350 designed by BMW. Love that sky on the ceiling. More here.

McDonald's Bus Stop (2)

Yalcin from Bigumigu sends in this snapshot of a bus stop that looks from the inside like a McDonald's counter. Check out his site for another execution with french fries.

Ballerina on Revolving Doors (0)

Here's the ballerina I was trying to find yesterday; she promotes, what else, a ballet. This is in connection with yesterday's post on the pie-in-the-face decal. Source: Frederik Samuel.

Posters for Fitness Centers (0)

Two different fitness centers, similar ideas. There's also a recent one for a yoga class, but I have to remember where it was.

"Birds Eye View" Floor Design (0)

A very creative floor in what looks like an airport terminal. The only piece of info that Babelfish wrestled out of this Chinese site is that it has something to do with United Airlines. The same page also links to a set of images showing an airplane-themed redesign of an underpass.

Update (March 22): It's a public art project in Sacramento Airport. More details here.

Divorce Lawyer Stationary (1)

If you liked the set of metal business cards for a dentist, you'll love this set of stationary for a divorce lawyer. Click image to zoom in.
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