Creative DIY Lamp-post Ads (0)

For piano lessons (via Flickr)

For an epilation centre (via Coloribus)

For dance classes (via Flickr)

Car Crashing into Urinal (0)

Everytime you miss the urinal a car crashes somewhere. Or something.
-- all over the internets

Treadmill Marathon for Nike (0)

Not sure how it works but it would be cool if they let everybody jump on that treadmill and pitch in a mile or two.
-- Briefblog

Different Billboards for Different Shoe Sizes (0)

So simple and yet so lovely. Much more powerful than many of the stunts blogged here.
-- frederik samuel

Volkswagen Polo and Concrete Blocks (0)

Small but definitely tough.
-- Coloribus.

Speech Bubbles For Clean Beaches (0)

More at AdArena.

Ad Tricks in Japanese Train Stations (0)

Billboardom is back from the slumber and is proud to bring you the Ten Coolest Ad Tricks In Japanese Train Stations.
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