For Some, This Billboard is Indoors (0)

A billboard by Actionaid India to fight homelessness.
-- houtlust

Billboard with Lots of Garbage (0)

"Garbage which was found at Redondo Beach (U.S.), august 21, 2005. was bound together on a billboard."
-- houtlust

Coldsores on Billboards (0)

Want to mess with annoying street advertising? Stop your juvenile behavior and mustache-drawing. Instead, get some sticky cold sores. Amazing.
-- via Outdoor Database

Escalator Turned Printer (0)

A smart placement on escalator belt for HP printer. If you are into printers, check out this idea for Samsung posted a few weeks back.
-- via coloribus

Installations by Mark Jenkins (0)

This has been sitting in my bookmarks forever, but I thought I'd put it out for the record: amazing street installations by Mark Jenkins. That is, it's art. See, we are not all about blatant commercialism here at Billboardom. Although it wouldn't hurt if the headless guy's clothes were branded.

Giant Snow Globe for Renault (0)

-- Ads of the World

Neon Signs for Red Zone Deodorant (0)

These neon signs for Red Zones are so cool that I hope they are real installations and not print ads.

Billboard with Roots (0)

A billboard with roots for wood finish tiles.

Rock Climbing School Outdoor Ad (0)

An outdoor mural for a rock climbing school. A few more pictures here.

"Sex Can Wait" Billboard (0)

No details on this gem. Via comments on reddit.

Irresistible Scent Billboard (0)

A laundry detergent billboard.
-- say no to crack

Billboard Made From Ants (0)

An Indian poster for Sugar Free (sweetener?) painted with syrup that attracted ants. More on Ad Rag.

Giant "CO2 Emissions" Balloon (1)

"To help people understand what they could do in their life, WWF [China] offered 20 tips on energy saving by presenting a puzzle game participated by school children at the ceremony, sending a clear message to the public that saving energy is simple and easy as "child’s play." In addition, a huge balloon, painted in black with words of "driving less and cutting CO2 emission" written on it, was inflated gigantically on spot after being tied to a car’s vent-pipe as a striking manifestation of carbon dioxide by automobiles."

-- ads of the world, wwf china

Bus Shelter with Curtains (0)

A bus shelter with curtains advertising something called Saturn, in German, which, if you can read it, will be handy on the site where it came from.

Sao Paolo Goes Billboard-Free (0)

"Imagine a modern metropolis with no outdoor advertising: no billboards, no flashing neon signs, no electronic panels with messages crawling along the bottom.

Come the new year, this city of 11 million, overwhelmed by what the authorities call visual pollution, plans to press the "delete all" button and offer its residents unimpeded views of their surroundings." Flickr set, International Herald Tribute article

It's like the Delete art project coming to life: in 2005, two artists covered billboards on a Vienna street with yellow foil. See a panorama, read more.

"Stop Colors from Bleeding" Billboard for Detergent (0)

A billboard for Rei detergent that apparently prevents your white socks turning pink by accident when your underwear bleeds in the washer. A few more pictures on Cerebro Criativo.

Very Strong Tape Billboard (0)

A "taped" billboard for Penline Stationary in Malaysia.
-- adhunt

Kissing Point Promotes Lip Balm (0)

A great fit of an outdoor ad into the context of the particular situation. Labello Lip Balm, Germany.
-- ibelieveinadv

Full Scale Apartment on Billboard (0)

Click pic to zoom in. It's a billboard for a real estate company with a full-scale apartment floor plan on it. Reminds of the Absolut New York billboard, slightly.
-- ads of the world

Create a Sloggi Billboard (0)

Underwear maker Sloggi invites you to direct a four-model photoshoot and to create your very own billboard.
-- via adrants

Maryland Puts Criminals on Billboards (0)

Maryland authorities have put up some 30 billboards with famous criminals' names and sentences as part of "part of the Maryland EXILE program, which intends to curb gun use."
-- Examiner

Big-Ass (Literally) Billboard (0)

Hamburg, Germany. Looks like a billboard for a recruitment agency.
-- ads of the world. You have to check out the comments there.

"Wear A Seat Belt" Billboard (0)

-- source

"Rosie, Marry Me" Trump Billboard (0)

An artist defaced a Donald Trump billboard for a pop-culture jab. See the original here.

"Pouring Bourbon" Billboard (0)

Wonder if the truck is part of this impressive installation. And its bourbon, right?
-- Maker's Mark

Church Promotes Itself With Controversial Billboard (0)

Innovative church marketers are stirring controversy with this "Satan Hates Cedar Creek" series of billboards.

iGod Billboard for Church

Laser Graffiti Turns Buildins into Giant Billboards (0)

Gizmag writes about technology "that allows you to use lasers to put temporary graffiti on buildings from hundreds of feet away using laser projection."

Chocolate Billboard Eaten in Three Hours (0)

A British chocolatier Thorntons created an 860 pound (390kg) pure chocolate billboard in London that was 14.5 ft by 9.5 ft large and made from 10 chocolate bunnies, 72 giant chocolate eggs and 128 chocolate panels. The billboard took three months to build. It was eaten in three hours. Pictures on BBC and Yumsugar.

Ford Billboard Made of Grass

Billboards Promote Billboards (0)

A billboard for OGGI, a New Zealand outdoor advertising company.
-- fresh fish

Polar Bear Melts To Make Point (0)

I think the bear is melting to prove the point that bears are disappearing. Human mothers are melting, too.
-- the navigator

Outdoor "Car Sex" Wrap Promotes Sex Shop (1)

This car is parked in front of a sex shop it promotes. The windows are covered with an inside wrap to show steamy sex the shop's customers (or managers?) apparently are having. Probably not in the US.
-- more here

iGod Billboard for Church (0)

A church billboard in New Zealand.
-- outdoor database

Pop-up Basketball Posters (0)

Posters for Thai Health Promotion Foundation: basketball, soccer, golf (more on Adverbox).

"Smoking Like Exhaust Pipe" Decal (0)

A decal placed over the exhaust pipe to illustrate the effect of smoking. Clever.
-- creative criminal

Mars's "Tongue" Billboard (0)

Billboard lickin' good.
-- marketing facts

Casino Belt as Roulette Promotes Casino (0)

Tough luck. Your luggage is on zero and is claimed by the airline. Very nice otherwise.
-- ads of the world

DIY Outdoor Dentist Ads (0)

Dentist John Mullaly promotes himself with these ingenious DIY ads. (Well, not really DIY, but they could've been.)

Roll-Down Gates as Reynolds Foil (0)

Reynolds promoting its aluminum foil wrap with these outdoor placements.
-- frederik samuel

Bloody Coasters Promote Safe Driving (0)

Beer coasters with a layer of red ink that's invisible when dry and comes out when moistened. Mumbai. Don't drink and drive. Doesn't look much like blood, though.
-- frederik samuel

Cold Coffee in Ice Cubes (0)

How do you promote a launch of cold coffee? If you are McDonald's in Seattle, you seal it into ice cubes and leave them on the streets to melt.
-- adverbox

Puma Flies Clothes on Balloons (0)

Puma floated 2,000 helium balloons attached with golf shoes and clothes attached to them down Antwerp's busy shopping streets as well as taxi stands, train and bus stations. People who grabbed the stuff were instructed to visit Puma's website by the attached labels.
-- more on adrants

Samsung Printer Made of 100,000 Sheets (0)

In stores in Colombia, Samsung placed a replica of its printer made out of 100,000 sheets of paper to demonstrate how many sheets per month the printer can print -- that is, 100,000.
-- via ads i like
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