Leggy Pantyhose Billboards Ordered Down (0)

An acting mayor of a European (well, sort of) capital ordered to take down billboards advertising pantyhose because the ladies' legs prominently featured on the said billboards corrupt the citizens. Can't make up this quote of his: "It is amoral for residents of the capital to see advertising panels featuring semi-nude women every day and this thing also revolted many religions. The city must look nice, not to embarrass." How true. Here's the source.

I'm traveling there in a week. Will report from the front lines.

Cute Bench Advertising (0)

Ha, wish we had more ad benches like this. Found here.

Indian Laborers Poster (0)

By McCann Erickson for Heal Foundation of India. An award at the NY Festival.

Kodak's Assvertising (0)

The Kodak moment, literally. This chick's panties are sponsored and branded by Kodak in a fit of assvertising. Brought to you by Spunker where you will find more pics (via AdRants).

Ikea Fabric Outdoor (0)

"A little fabric makes a big difference." An outdoor campaign by Ikea. More at Brainstorm. Via Marketing Alternatif.

Bad Teeth Billboard (0)

More at Frederik Samuel's.

MINI Slides Off Billboard (0)

Today, I received a letter from a reader GrantO (here's my virtual token of appreciation) who says the MINI Cooper on the billboard above showed a more extreme performance than had been initially planned. The car actually slid off the frame altogether. Here's the story:

"As soon as I saw the most recent MINI ad, I thought of one that was across from my school for a few months and lo and behold, you had it! In Part II, the photo at Flickr was taken right across from my school. That Mini that they put up there (and which was made of fibreglass or plastic, I believe) was put up with a large crane and actually fell down later!

The fibreglass luger was broken, but I don't think anyone was really injured. It was never put up again. For a few weeks, the billboard looked rather silly without a Mini on it. Then the thing itself got taken down. I wish I had photos.

The cops showed up when it fell. That photo was made at the intersection of Bloor Street West and Huron street, it's on the side of a cheap condominium (I think it's a goverment-run housing place) in Toronto, Canada and the store under it that you can see a bit of is 'G's Fine Foods'."

Dunno. Maybe it was a part of the whole stunt.

Billboard for Curry (0)

"To accompany the launch of two new products, Red and Green curry, we found an unusual way to cut through. At a prominent spot next to a busy road, we erected an outdoor board immediately in front of a tree. The tree was in full leaf and was pruned to look as if the leaves were the curry on the plate in front. The optical illusion worked and stayed in place until autumn when the leaves turned to red."

TBWA\G1\TOKYO & Hakuhodo for House Foods Japan. 2005 Silver WorldMedal at New York Festival.

iPod Billboards (0)

ipod billboard

A big bunch of assorted iPod billboards at a site appropriately named macbillboard.com.

Human Billboards (0)

Pictures of Londoners carrying commercial signs where, perhaps, no permanent signage is allowed.

Advertree in Gambia (0)

By waaristom on flickr.

Stern Billboards Trickling In (0)

First pictures of the Howard Stern billboards are now appearing on Flickr. This one is from reemer.

Naked Protest (0)

Well, I guess this qualifies as "outdoor" since the guy is actually outdoor. Ukranians are having a naked protest (site in Russian, but plenty of pics) against pricey cellphone plans (thanks, Rene).

Another Huge Billboard (0)

These guys say (in Turkish) that this billboard is bigger than Motorola's because the skyscraper is taller, and thus the billboard is the tallest in the world.

Handpainted Billboards in India (0)

The Washington Post Blog has an interesting entry on the dissapearing art of handpainted billboards in India (thanks, Parmesh).

The Sarcastic Billboard for GPS Navigator (0)

So wonderfully evil. This "You Are Here" map reads: "You are here because you don't have a TomTom Navigator". A more appropriate question, though, is Amstel's, "You are here. But why?" If I only knew.

-- via Mastertext (in Russian)

Hacking Traffic Lights (0)

A great outdoor campaign for Handicap International by TBWA in Brussels.
-- via AdHunt

Billboard for Bras and Panties (0)

A billboard for a lingerie store Bustop. Reminds of the "Guys, pray for rain" billboard for Playboy. Guys, pray for wind. Found by Frederik Samuel.

Another Billboard for Mini (0)

Another entry for the collection of Mini billboards.
-- jeffkole on Flickrde

Outdoor for Dali (0)

Philadelphia Art Museum. Image by erglantz on Flickr.

Nike Ball (0)

This outdoor campaign for Nike is pretty old, but I know many of you here don't follow new ads every day, so I'm not feeling bad about it.
-- via adverbox.

Sawed Billboard (0)

Slow day, so here's something fun from the archive.

Bubblewrap Billboard in Japan (0)

"A billboard for hair products in Shinjuku Station. The blue hair is actually blue bubble wrap attached to the billboard. People walk along and pop the bubbles for fun."
-- sanchome on flickr

Howard Stern Billboard (0)

The rumor is that Sirius has placed a huge billboard on Varick and Grand in NYC that reads, "Howard Stern is Coming... All Over America." Anyone has a picture?

Amnesty International Outdoor (0)

Copy in Polish reads: "Free Speech to Belarus". For Amnesty International by Saatchi. Spotted by Frederik Samuel, who's been on the roll lately.

Cryptic McKinsey Ad (0)

This McKinsey recruitment ad for college grads posted around campuses combines the hand-made feel of the Sex and the City promo with the cryptic geek elitism of Google and Electronic Arts.

The copy in the lower part reads:
x=24, y=30
The phone number solves into 01.876.8000.

-- Frederik Samuel and his commentors

Outdoor for Nike Sprint (0)

Hong Kong subways must be really empty since Nike thought that painting race tracks was a good idea. An outdoor campaign for Nike Sprint, spotted by Adverbox. Or maybe these aren't race tracks, but some esoteric symbol.

Billboard Made of Computer Parts (0)

"This 3-dimensional billboard consisted of eleven 3-dimensional, eight-foot high letters. Each letter was designed and constructed out of actual computer components."
-- The Object Works

Abstinence Billboard (0)

"An HIV/AIDS prevention billboard targets truck drivers and commercial sex workers with the message, "Nous abstenir est important...Si non, utilisons des preservatifs car le SIDA et les MST nous concernent tous" ("Abstinence is important for us. If not, let's use condoms because we are concerned about AIDS and STDs")."
-- ARSRC.org

Political Billboards in Virtual World (0)

Anti-Bush and anti-anti-Bush billboards are mushrooming in the virtual world of Second Life. Wagner James Au, an embedded reporter, has more.

Anti-McDonalds Billboards (0)

Here's a small compilation of anti-McDonalds billboards I showed in a recent class on culture jamminng. Some (all?) of the images are from Brand Busters or Wooster Collective, but unfortunately I can't give a more precise credit.

Fat, Fucked Up and Fifty on Flickr.

"This Is Our President" Billboard (0)

Source: Irena Kittenclaw on Flickr.

Mysterious Billboard (0)

A mysterious billboard puzzles the good people of Madison.

Home Bus for Washington Mutual (0)

"Washington Mutual tagged the Wexley School for Girls to create an engaging presentation that would intrigue first-time mortgage seekers and make them feel comfortable with the idea of a first house. Wexley School for Girls, in partnership with design firm General Public, created a 'first home on wheels.' They photographed a house, wrapped the bus on all sides and set a world-record for "Largest Door Mat" that measures 10 feet tall by 36 feet long. The E-bus can bring a bank and mortgage company directly to potential clients."
-- Ad Rag

Canton Billboard (0)

Billboard for Canton speakers in Stockholm. Source: Coloribus.

Pepsi Billboard (0)

Click image to zoom in. Comes from my hard drive, that is to say I don't have any details on this work.

Starbucks Does "Cup on the Roof" Campaign (0)

Starbucks is re-running its Red Cup campaign they did in Boston last winter. They glue coffee cups to the car tops and trick pedestrians into thinking the cups were left there by forgetful drivers. Thomas Hawk on Flickr recounts the experience of being had.

Largest Ad on a Skyscraper (0)

The ad for the new Motorola SLVR L7phone was projected onto a 4,000 sq.m surface of Pirelli Skyscraper by 15 projectors. This is supposedly the largest skyscraper-based ad.
-- Adverbox

Outdoor Campaign for Sony Cybershot (0)

A campaign for Sony Cybershot camera, and a similar one for some plasma TV brand. Source: Adverbox.

More Outdoor Ads by The Economist (0)

Source: MattHK

Source: Ads of the World

"Bulb" Billboard for The Economist

Sony Graffiti For PSP (0)

Why are people so pissed off about Sony's graffiti for PSP? It's not like they are the first "corporate giant" to "buy the credibility of street art", as Wired puts it. The guys at Tats Cru have been creating street art for advertising for ages now. And this street campaign for Ariel is apparently inspired (if not created) by a British artist Moose who creates "clean graffiti". I'm glad there's at least one sane voice of reason, brought to you by PSFK (and, surprisingly, by Stay Free mag, but I can't find the link).

Time Mag's "Person of the Year" Billboard (0)

Submit your picture at Time Magazine's I'm The Person of the Year site and if you are lucky it will be beamed from their Times Square billboard.

Pabst's Bottle Could Go Down (0)

"While developers are in the process of demolishing the old Pabst brewery to make way for new development, a decision is still pending on what to do with the 75-year-old copper-coated bottle, visible from the Garden State Parkway [in Newark] and occasionally on HBO's program The Sopranos."
-- Newsday via Adjab, image by Newark Photos

Talking to Billboards (0)

If you like talking to billboards, then Zippy the Pinhead is your kind of comic strip.
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