Mysterious "I Pooted" Billboard (1)

A strange billboard spotted by a Flickr user; the ad brains on Adland say it's Cartoon Network's. Here's another one in the series.

Amnesty International's "Locker" Outdoor (0)

Amnesty International's campaign to free prisoners (I guess). Cut-outs hidden in public lockers. Brilliant.
-- creative criminal

Huge "Goalie" Bridge Billboard (0)

Keep forgetting to post this great billboard from Germany. More soccer stuff coming up.
-- Cerebro Creativo and all the entire net by now

Roof Posters Put Smokers in Grave (0)

An outdoor campaign for Cancer Patients Aid Association. More amusing than scary, I'd say.
-- frederik samuel

Blackberry Outdoor (0)

A cute outdoor execution for Blackberry, a bit like this ATM-like decoration for mobile banking.

-- Advertising 2.0

Soccer Billboards from Ukraine (0)

Some football (yes, football) billboard madness from Ukraine, whose team is likely to advance into the next round.

Nike's Rooney Billboard (0)

A billboard by Nike in London, cheering English team that made it to the next round in the World Cup. This is Wayne Rooney, the soccer star. Read more at Fox Sports.

"Luck of the Irish" Beer Billboard (0)

This billboard for Smithwick's beer is one of the more inspiring billboards that got Cannes Lions for outdoor this year.

Basketball Hoop on a Billboard (0)

A simple idea encouraging interaction with the ad piece.
-- marketing post

Mini Underpass Billboard (0)

A great execution for Mini next to an underpass entrance.
-- marketing alternatif

keywords: mini, underground, billboard

Bus Shelters Converted Into Goals (0)

-- briefblog

-- briefblog

FedEx: Stairway to Heaven Billboard (0)

Billboard for FedEx in Thailand. Winner of Times Asia-Pacific silver award.

Another Underwater Poster (0)

Many years ago, My Favorite Copywriter and I were dreaming about going to Jamaica and opening our own ad agency that would be called "Outdoor and Underwater". Looks like the underwater part is being taken care of. This one is a recruitment poster for the navy of Singapore. One Show winner. Here's the one posted earlier for scuba lessons.

Whiter Outdoor for Mr. Clean (0)

The message: Mr. Clean (aka Mr.Proper) cleans the pavement well when someone is burried there. Good work, though. One Show winner.

Fountain of Dishwashing Foam (0)

Someone poured dishwashing liquid in a fountain for what seems to be a P&G or Unilever stunt in Ukraine.
-- source

Friday Special: Weird Sculptures (0)

Today is my official day without advertising. Enjoy some weird outdoor art instead.
- A nice general compilation.
- A LiveJournal about monuments featuring otherwise-not-safe-for-work themes.
- Another LiveJournal with freaky installations of street furniture for children (all in Russian).

Giant "Lord of the Rings" Billboards (0)

Good Gollum. More here. Somewhere in New Zealand.

Transparent Billboard by Nike (0)

-- advertka

Giant Inflatable Bar by Smirnoff (0)

The Smirnoff Ice Cube Inflatable Bar and Nightclub produced by Inflate.
-- via coolhunter

"HIV Positive" Billboards (0)

More billboards from the campaign on Adverbox.

Pink House for "Simple Life" (1)

Our reader Gaga from Atlanta sent these great pictures in. Access Atlanta explains: "We’re told that the owners of the house are such "Simple Life' fans that they agreed to the retina-punishing publicity stunt. On Friday, "Simple Life" PR reps even offered media types an advance look-see at the house, where pink lemonade was served up. A “blinged-out” dog contest was also held on the grounds."

Transparent Billboards for Amnesty International (0)

Amnesty International put the transparent billboards idea to good use. Imagine the bad stuff happening in your own back yard.
-- hautlust
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