Nissan's Billboard with a Kite (0)

There should be more kites in our skies, even if with ads. Kites rock.
-- cerebro creativo

"Under the Bridge" Advertising (0)

I've never seen advertising on the other side of the bridge, but there's always first time. This one is to dramatize the magnificent grip of JK Tyre tires.

"Skin Cancer Towel" Outdoor (0)

On a beach, would you rather use this "please take care this summer" skin-cancer-awareness towel or this i-am-a-playboy-covergirl one?

"Elevators Renew Hair" Billboard (0)

The sheer size of this billboard is awesome, but the coolest are the elevators, each demonstrating movement of a magic element that revitalizes the model's hair. Found in Taipei.
-- coloribus

Lego's "Crane" Outdoor (0)

Lego's ad agency in Santiago (Chile) used cranes to hang giant Lego blocks. Very impressive. Previous Lego's outdoor ads in Santiago include this billboard, and its giant bricks were used before, too.

"Dead Pedestrians" Outdoor (0)

Babelfish translates the copy on these stickers roughly as "7000 pedestrians killed each year in Europe. Think about it when you are behind the wheel." Wonder how many pedestrians die while trying to read messages on ads like this one.
-- fubiz

"Antarctica Melting" Outdoor (0)

An example of how to turn global warming into your sales ally, by a travel agency. Click image to zoom in.
-- Blogsome and Spot Anatomy

Billboard for Smart Car (3)

This South African billboard for Smart car is igniting all sorts of debates. Funny how they say "American nothing" since the car is made by DaimlerChrysler, the Chrysler part being, of course, American. Not to mention Clear Channel. Not to mention that when they try to get into the American market, some competitor will be glad to make this billboard known to the buying public.

"Giant Chcolocate Bar" Billboard (0)

Not a real choco bar, unfortunately, but very, uhm, sweet. Here's a whole Flickr photoset if you want to zoom in.
-- via advertising for peanuts < blogsome

Street Furniture Promotes Book Reading (0)

Istanbul municipality installed this cute book-looking street furniture throughout the city as part of its campaign to encourage people to read books. In case you wonder about the content of the benches, our agent in Istanbul reports that the first installment includes famous Turkish poetry.
-- Yalcin @ Bigumigu

Russian "Don't Play With Fire" Sign (0)

"Be careful with fire in the forrest", warns this charming handpainted Russian sign (which you need to click to enlarge).

"Sucked In Blimp" Billboard (0)

In the undying words of VW's Helga, this {probably photoshopped) billboard "is definitely sucking". Miele vacuum cleaners, via Frederik Samuel. Here's another sucking one for Electrolux vacuums.

"Benjamin Moore Paints" Billboard (0)

If you work with Pantone, you'll appreciate these billboards for Benjamin Moore Paints.

"Beaming Oprah Goes to Auschwitz" Billboard (0)

This is Auschwitz. A reader alerts us that the picture is of the Death Gate in Birkenau, another concentration camp, also known as Auschwitz II .

This is Oprah going there. How do you like them flames on the background?

Credits: Auschwitz pic, billboard pic. Thanks to Mark for the tip off.

Advertising on "Under Construction" Signs (0)

Undergoing a renovation, Cable Beach Resorts used their "under construction" signs to spread their message. From the portfolio of Marc Rapp.

Labyrinth Billboard for DHL (0)

A small ball travels from point A to point B and then (somehow) back in this 3D billboard for DHL in Amsterdam.
-- advertka

The "Wrong Job" Outdoor (0)

This brilliant campaign is for those who need a new job and for those who think ATMs and coffee machines are powered by micro-gnomes.

-- all over the internet, but see the third image in the series here

Billboard for Birds (0)

This billboard for bird food was equipped with, surprise, bird food to attract birds and demonstrate the power of the product. See how it works at Advertising for Peanuts, and check out a similar one for dogs.

Miniature Billboards for Miniature Antwerp (0)

CoolzOr brings us billboards for the Miniature Antwerp City tourist attraction.

"Help Homeless Children" Scary Outdoor Campaign (0)

This campaign by Grey Worldwide for "The Longest Night" aims to help homeless children to escape life on street. One of the eeriest executions I have seen.

Tough Jeans Outdoor (0)

An outdoor campaign for Tough Jeansmith in Hong Kong, via Marketing Alternatif where you can find one other execution.

Comic Strips Painted on Walls (0)

This picture of a Citroen billboard is part of an amazing Flickr set about wall paintings based on comic strips in Brussels. Here's the back story and a Google map mash-up that shows locations of each wall.
(thanks, Lieven)

Lockpick Business Card (0)

If we think about business cards as mini billboards, then here's a very creative one that is made of a set of lockpicks.

PETA's "Human Meat" Campaign (0)

Last year's campaign by PETA in Providence, RI, featured containers with live people resembling packed meat.
-- Ad Arena

Renault Check-Out Line (0)

A check-out line in a grocery store decorated with a Renault car to demonstrate the latter's spacious trunk.
-- via AdArena

Underwater Poster for Scuba Lessons (0)

"To promote a scuba diving course, the agency installed these posters at the bottom of Antwerp's public swimming pool." Copy reads, "Not deep enough?"
-- marketallica's flickr stream via advertising for peanuts

Kinko's "White Out" Outdoor (0)

So, first you paint the sidewalks with a yellow marker, then you try to fix things with a bottle of white-out.
-- Frederik Samuel

Mini Billboards, Part III (0)

Marketallica brings us a few old but never forgotten outdoor executions from Mini that we neglected to include in our collection.

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