Celebrity Billboards With Photoshop Buttons (1)

Photoshop GUI cut-outs pasted over celebrity posters in Berlin by a street art group. (I also like a similar use of Doom GUI over billboards.)

The Perfect Billboard for American Psycho (0)

There's a special level of awesomeness on Billboardom reserved for billboards like this one for American Psycho (click image for zoomness).

- as seen on Twitter

Billboard Company Puts Up Digital Mother's Day Card (0)

"To celebrate Mother’s Day, the entire staff of Adams Outdoor Advertising in Charleston, SC wrote short notes to their moms or their wives. The messages were posted to a digital billboard on I-26 West."

The Magazine of Human Billboards (0)

A design studio bought as many human billboards on eBay as they could, and published an awesome photobook.

Your Wife Is Hot (0)

Thanks, Mike!
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