Billboard Hunting in New York

So, I went on this long-weekend trip to New York, which was mostly about business, but also wandering around looking for cool billboards in what's supposed to be the billboard capital. Or so it claims.

The center of the universe, also known as the Times Square, was pretty disappointing: lots of razzle-dazzle, but very little substance, and overall very forgettable. The only exception was this animated Coke billboard,

which on one night showed silhouettes of construction workers putting it together, welding and all. Mesmerizing.

This subway poster reminded me of a recent story about British night clubs not letting people wearing Prada in because apparently Prada is what British "chavs" wear.

Here's a pretty weird subway poster for some storage. Are there lots of doll-collecting New Yorkers?

The same storage company is running a "butt" billboard somewhere in downtown. Copy: "Does my butt makes this room look small?" Our answer is a resounding yes.

There's something about New York and big butts:

A smart way to mount a city map - this one actually hangs on UPenn's campus in Philly.


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