Digital Signage

There are hundreds of digital billboards scattered across the world. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America estimates that there are currently nearly 2,000 digital billboards in America, with several hundred coming into the market each year. This number may seem small compared to the 450,000 traditional advertising signs dotting the landscape, but the number of digital billboards is expected to grow rapidly in the near future.

Since digital signage is beneficial to advertisers, they are also beneficial to the billboard companies. Typically, seven different advertisers lease the average billboard during the same month. Advertising can be updated frequently enough that regular travelers can view a different message from the same marketer each time they pass the billboard. The ads rotate on a schedule with time, size, and location of the billboard determining how much each advertiser pays. The fact that numerous advertisers can be included on one billboard and the greater affordability of digital technologies are incentives for billboard companies to invest in digital technology!

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