Obama Billboards

Since our awesome collection of (mostly anti-) Bush billboards is suddenly very popular on the conservative circuit, and since we are so fair and balanced we are almost a Fox News subsidiary, here are some billboards featuring that other guy.

Being a president is a pretty sweet gig that shoots you up straight into the celebrity stratosphere, and you get casting calls to promote all sorts of things besides weatherproof jackets.

The big news of the day -- crowdsourced freedom of speech in shape of Billboards Against Obama (dot com). The Atlanta company sells nose jobs.

Their Missouri branch sells corrective ear surgery, birth certificates...

... and teeth whitening.

Folks in Louisiana behind this billboard should give Missouri a call.

A billboard selling agricultural tools, also in Missouri.

This billboard must be for hallucinogenic substances.

More substances, this time from an Indian restaurant.

We even fired up our DeLorean to bring you this billboard from the future.

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