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[April 2, 2010] Howdy, readers of ProteinWisdom and our other conservative friends! You guys really should stick around this blog and subscribe to the RSS or the Twitter feed, because, guess what? Billboardom is proud to present
 An absolutely awesome 

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To mark the approaching end of a political era, Billboardom presents a collection of billboards featuring Our Leader (Orlando, 2004).

A billboard for Animal Planet in Buenos Aires.

Anti-Bush billboard in Phoenix.

A billboard for a liberal radio network (via lvb).

A billboard by Naked (NZ).

One of many anti-Bush billboards in Havana (see the fangs up close).

New York, 2004

Bush-Cheney campaign billboard, 2004

Georgia welcomes Bush, 2005

A billboard by the Obama campaign in Minneapolis-St.Paul, 2008.

A bit of culture jamming in Australia.

... and in San Francisco.

Little Brother is Watching, Boston

A billboard outside Crawford, Texas.

A billboard in Toronto.

A billboard for an Australian real estate company.

Hell Pizza in New Zealand.


Strike Back 2010 said...

How curios the link to the anit obama billboards is down...thanks for finding this

Strike Back 2010 said...

How curious, the link to the anti O is down, go figure. Good work in bringing this to our attention

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