14 Billboards with Butts

There must be something culturally significant about all those billboard butts you stare at during your morning commute. Sly admen playing on national insecurities? An avantgarde celebration of the posterior? Whatever it is, here are our picks.

Taken in New York. (archive)

- AdRants. What's face buffet?

- archive

Say no to crack and go to the gym. (archive)

A billboard for American Apparel in New York (gothamist).

Yass is a city in Australia. (archive)

Billboard for Toto Washlet toilet maker; butts have smiling faces on themm. Its unfortunate placement on the top of a church building on the Times Square led to the butts being covered following a court deal.

Extra points for putting the billboard on a church property and Perez Hiltonesque drawings.

A bathroom poster for, what else, breath mints. (archive). Extra points for placement.

Billboard for Joe's Jeans. mojoey on flickr. I never get ads for jeans that feature naked people. Is the dude feeling uncomfortable about the girl staring at him?

A billboard for a lingerie store Bustop. (archive) Love the interactivity here: the skirt lifts up when the wind blows.

Don't import fuel from the unfriendly Venezuelan government. There's a video, too. Given the demand, though, chances are that we'll be buying gas from this ass, too.

Extra points for the copy, though. I like poetry that actually rhymes.

Got a shitty job? A billboard for a recruiting agency (see more). A strong contender for the top (erm... bottom?) spot.

And the winner is....


This billboard urges Chinese citizens to protect the environment.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I really hope they start protecting the environment!

Anonymous said...

hands off from Venezuela !!!ameraicans rednecks bastards!

Celia Pleete said...

I love this blog - I'm linking it to mine right now!!

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