Squashed People Stop Traffic

Ah, long time no see. No fear, Billboardom is not dead, and very soon it will get Billboarder than ever. Gotta finish a few important things first. But in the meanwhile, here's a series of recent finds (from this post upwards).

This one is a neighborhood project in England to slow down street traffic. To quote from the website, "There are no zebra crossings in all of Summertown. Presumably this is because the City Highways Authorities doesn't want pedestrians to get ideas above their station, lest they start demanding equal amenities to those offered to car owners. So, to redress this balance, a fake zebra crossing was constructed along the central section of Banbury Road using about GBP20 of materials, including white tape, plastic drainpipes, yellow balloons, some old clothes, and two overripe melons."


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